Click on the c4fm repeater on the map to get information. Welcome to our DMR TG 2501: Home; Our room. Dashboard DMR 2501; Maps C4FM. Nodes map; Repeaters map .... d star repeaters southern californiaemergency room new orleans. Publicado el 19 junio 2022 en the home front quizlet. Repeater Technologies and Features. AllStar - AllStarLink is a network of Amateur Radio repeaters, remote base stations and hot spots accessible to each other via Voice over Internet Protocol. Visit our AllStar page for additional details and resources on AllStar.; DMR - (Digital Mode Radio) DMR adds several new terms including Internet Links, Color Codes, Time Slots, Zones, Talk Groups. 147.320 – “The Oak” – South Austin. PL Tone 114.8 Hz – Offset +0.6 MHz. The flagship of the N5OAK repeater system. “The Oak”, Johnson City, & UT Campus repeaters are linked full time via ALLSTAR. Located in South Austin at the NXP campus near the “Y” in Oak Hill. Antenna stands at 1260′ ASL.. The Utah Broadband folks departed and Clint and I turned to some other projects. ... During a very long weekend, the synchronous linked system — two overlapping repeaters, both on 146.62 MHz — was first put into operation. Clint, KA7OEI; John, K7ALA; and the author, K7HFV; installed and adjusted new equipment on Farnsworth Peak to complete. December 2013: A remote repeater node has been established in far northwest Travis County and is linked by AllStar to the 442.15 repeater at UT. Its purpose is to extend the range of the original repeater. The frequency is 442.1 both input and outputit is a simplex node. PL is 186.2. Its AllStar node number is 29010. At 11200 feet it is one of the highest elevation repeaters in Utah. For more pictures from Monroe Peak, click here. Laketown, South of Bear Lake - Elevation 7575 Feet (2310 Meters) ASL 147.020 (+) 100.0 Hz tone The multitude of antennas at the Laketown, Utah site covering Bear Lake Click on the image for a larger version. Youth Net for Northern Utah Thu. 1900 & 146.78 MHz & 224.56 MHz & 448.20 MHz: Utah Valley ARC New Ham Net: Thu. 1930: 147.42 MHz & 449.925 MHz : Davis County ARES: Thu. 2000: 448.800 MHz - West Valley City ARC Net: Thu. 2000: 145.55 MHz: Cottonwood Heights Emergency Net: Thu. 2000: Intermountain Intertie and others linked: State RACES Net: 3rd. Feb 05, 2016 · Weekly nets on the club repeaters (146.780- MHz and 448.200- MHz and 224.560- MHz, each with a 100.0 Hz tone) ROB (Riverton Office Building) Net : Tuesday 2:00 pm. Sep 30, 2009 · SDARC sponsored repeaters are linked together on a full time basis and cover most of Eastern Utah with the following repeaters: 147.06 Horn Mountain, 145.31 Ford Ridge, 147.14 Cedar Mountain, 147.32 Bruin Peak, 146.61 Abajo peak,146.76 Bald Mesa (linked), 146.90 downtown Moab (linked).. The two repeaters operate as a single repeater, on the same frequency, providing coverage from the Nevada, Idaho and Wyoming borders in northern Utah and beyond. Operation: This repeater does not have an autopatch or any other user-accessible control function. A Rule by the Federal Communications Commission on 08/29/2017. The Commission declines to change or clarify the rules regarding network connections in the GMRS rules. You can physically link two repeaters together using duplex transmission, but also by a system such as an internet connection under certain parameters. N/A Tertiary repeater, linked to 147.340 main repeater. 2 Meter Simplex Phone 146.460 MHz 2 Meter Simplex Packet 145.030 MHz Digital modes, ARES Pack, fldigi 70 Centimeters ... Utah RACES Repeaters Phone 147.120 & 147.180 (100Hz) N/A Intermountain Intertie Utah RACES repeater (SLC) Phone 449.425 MHz (-100Hz). The Ogden area is on the 145.49 repeater. The Utah county area is on the 145.37 repeater with Walt Nicholes, President, WA7YPL, ... WDARC supports three other linked repeaters: the 146.980 Delle, I-80 / 145.390 Vernon Ut Rt.36, and Wendover, Ut. 147.200 MHz. Contact person is Ernest (Walt) Barlow, KD7HFZ, (President) (435) 882-3583. Mail to. "/> Utah linked repeaters
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